Our history. Our why.

We have created Moneytis.com a few years ago with the ambition to make money transfers simple. In our opinion, we have failed to do so with Moneytis. That’s why we shut down the service.

What we learned.

Over the last few years we learned that migrants and expats often need to pay invoices in unusual currencies. The main pain from our users was the complexity of doing an international transfer and the unreliability of the money transfer organisations. Banking and fintech services can be quite expensive, even though the solutions they provide are not perfect. The technologies are not improving fast enough and it feels like adding layers on top of a broken system. We need the systems to work together. We need a new technology allowing interoperability between banks and fintechs.

We will stop Moneytis.com.

We enjoyed serving people. Comparing many options has been useful for ourselves too. The same old bank technologies are powering those options. To us, this setup won’t solve tomorrow’s problems.

What’s going to happen for you.

Within weeks, you won’t be able to compare options on moneytis.com. Other services such as monito.com do also that well.

What’s next for us.

We have pivoted towards building a new technology, for systems to work together. Its name is Request.

Thank you for your trust over the last few years.

We’ve been proud to serve you.